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Delegates places are designed for end-user supply chain and logistics practitioners.

Do you qualify? Please see below:

If you are any of the below…

Organisation Types: Job Roles:



(incl. Consumer Goods, Pharmacueticals, Automotive, Aerospace, Defence, Industrial and Technology)

Food and Drink Provider

Hi-Tech Communications Provider

Energy Operator
(incl. Upstream and Downstream)

Utilities Provider

Healthcare Operator

Public Sector Organisations

Third Sector Charitable Organisations

Chief Supply Chain Officer

Vice President, Supply Chain

Supply Chain Director / Manager

Logistics Director / Manager

Operations Director / Manager

Procurement Director / Manager

E-Commerce Director / Manager

Head of Supply Chain

Head of Procurement

Head of Logistics & Distribution

Returns / Reverse Logistics Manager

…You qualify as an end-user practitioner delegate
and can attend for  €995 

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– OR – If you are any of the below…

Organisation Types: Job Roles:

Third or Fourth Party Logistics Providers

Provider of Demand and Forecasting Software and Systems

Supplier of Warehouse Management Systems

Provider of Transportation and Distribution Solutions

Supplier of Warehousing Solutions
(incl. Materials Handling, Voice Picking and Storage)

Provider of Technology Solutions
(incl. Mobile)


Recruitment Agency

Media Organisation

Vice President, Sales

Sales Director / Manager

Commercial Director / Manager

Business Development Director / Manager

Marketing Director / Manager

…You are classified as one of our solutions providers, so please contact Katharina Tkatchenko via or on +44 (0)20 7953 3014