Wim Gantois

France Benelux Supply Chain Synchronization Leader
Procter & Gamble

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Graduated at Ghent University as commercial engineer and immediately started at Procter & Gamble after my studies. I have been working 6 years with P&G in logistics starting in Customization planning close to Marketing on promotional product design, production and planning. I moved to supply planning with the overall responsibility to reorganize the BNL supply planning organization towards a planning center as pilot in Europe where all working processes were redesigned. I led 2.5 years the Belgium customer service & logistics department dealing with daily operations and advanced collaboration projects with customers. Currently I am responsible for to transform the France-BNL supply chain to a segmented demand driven supply chain.
Every supply chain solution should be focused on driving extra business growth where it matters is my belief. This can only be accomplished by an engaged organization where people can have fun every day.
I love cycling in the mountains and playing football in my free time.

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